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Categories of IATM Membership

Active (Tour Manager) Membership

Active membership of the International Association of Tour Managers is open to you if you are a Tour Manager with at least one year's experience 'on the road' and you tour a minimum of 60 days per year.

One year's experience qualifies you for Silver Badge membership; five years experience qualifies you for Gold Badge membership. All Active members agree to be bound by the IATM Ethics and Principles.

The current joining fee for Active Membership is £130. After the first year, annual payments are made to your local IATM Regional Office. IATM Regional Offices set their own annual fees for renewal of membership.


If you are a newly qualified tourism graduate, congratulations! We invite you to join us as an Affiliate. You may also join as an Affiliate if you are new to Tour Managing and have not yet acquired one year's experience.

Affiliates pay a reduced fee. For further details, apply to your local IATM Regional Offices (see IATM Regions menu).

Partner Membership

Partner membership of IATM is for Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, Hotels, Guide Agencies, Educational Establishments, Restaurants, Shops, Attractions, etc.

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Our Aims

"To promote and maintain the highest standards of competence, integrity and professional conduct on the part of all Tour Managers."

"To promote, protect and improve the welfare and status of Tour Managers."

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We have members all over the world. Take a look through our member directory to find one near you.

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