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Israeli Region

The International Association of Tour Managers is a professional organization that looks after the interests of Tour Managers and Tour Guides and monitors the professional quality of its members.

The aim is to promote and maintain the highest standards of competence, integrity and professional conduct on the part of all Tour Managers and to promote, protect and improve the welfare and status of Tour Managers.

IATM was established in 1976.

We currently have around 900 members worldwide divided into a number of regions and country groups.

IATM's headquarters is in London where it is registered as a Limited Company.

We have branches in America's (USA and Canada), Belgium, Britain, Central Europe (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), Italy, Netherlands, Nordic (Norway, Denmark and Sweden), Spain, Pacific (Australia, New Zealand), Portugal, Taiwan and  Israel.

Next to networking we provide information on rules and regulations that apply to Tour Managers and Tour Guides in the different countries, but also with sufficient membership, we can apply pressure on the different government for the benefit of our members.  

Our International convention and general statutory meeting are held annually at different locations.

Due to Covid-19 until the situation improves we do our “online” via Skype and Zoom. 

As an example, before Covid-19, our General meetings where held in Oslo (Norway 2017), in 2018 in Taipei (Taiwan), Palermo (Sicily 2019) and in January 2020 it took place in San Sebastian, Spain.

The convention and general meeting, under normal circumstances, last normally three days and are usually followed by a 5-day post - tour. 

Study tours are also organized at different times by the regions.

Next to our Active members we also have Allied and Associate members, these companies are all related to the Tourism sector and membership of IATM brings mutual benefits between these companies and our members..



Mail Address:  P.O.Box 16338, Tel Aviv, 6116202, Israel



Chairmen: Sorin Blum

Secretary: Libby Koskas

Treasurer: Orly Blum



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